A leisure trip has come to a memory to treasure.Is it a hotel? Nope.It's a house and a swimmingpool with a few rooms with full amenities, but,in open concept surrounded by,so to say, a Nandan Kanan of flowers,plants&trees of Indian as well as foreign breeds.The garden,meadow around you have much to whisper to you to justify the open concept.The very grass you casually stroll on is a unique blend from 5 countries like US ,China. The plantation of cocoanuts of various origins,peers,apples,pomegrants and
all sorts of spices from all over the mother earth makes the garden a global ensemble in letter and spirit,all flourished on this blessed alluvial earth of our holy Ganges grown with special individual care and love for mother nature nurtured by Mr Avijit Dutta and his family, inculcating the attendants also.
As for the arrangements, it's a fine hospitable abode with keen care,personal touch with limited food items but with a perfect quality/ quantity standard. Local management is professional, but giving you something beyond the business. A few steps in their company will help you regain the lost faith in nature, the anchor( nongore) and you will feel the sip of murmur of waves and the leaves all eager to tell you their stories. The chirp of birds, hoots of barn- owls, the rarely blooming dragon fruit, the caterpillars up the American peer tree in chrysalis suddenly morphing to butterflies with colours galore and so on. But..... well, come with an open mind to love the nature, rest assured, while on the way back home, you are refreshed to soul and the bones.
Tapas Kumar Basu

Tapas Kumar Basu, 

A nice place to visit. The sight of river will please the mind.The garden is an exotic place to enjoy. The food was quite tasty and homely. The behaviour of Team Nongore was very hearty. A big clap from my end.

Somabho Basu, 

A very beautiful place with lush greenery beside The Ganga...spent a day with family watching the big ships passing away...gorgeous windy night...very peaceful place...those who loves the greenery n silence of the nature...i strongly recommend this place ...lastly i must say the owner of the property are very good persons..we enjoyed a lot...we will definitely visit this place again

Sumi Ghosh, 

Lovely place..must visit

Dr. Siddhartha Banerjee, 

This place is a good weekend tour for a family. The best thing was the spacious room which with a huge balcony facing the ganges. Amongst everything the pinnacle of our stay in this resort was the swimming pool and it's surrounding area. the whole set up is so attractive that you can sit and spend hours here. I loved the ambience...the staffs were really nice and helpful and co-operative.
Though the food provided was delicious but the variety is quite limited.
Overall very nice and a good experience can be termed as a perfect weekend gateway and it is so near to Kolkata. Great place for a refreshing family time, for greenery lovers, with perfect hospitality. Keep it up guyz ..

Urmisha Das, 

Had been to 'Nongore' from 18th to 20th April, it was a beautiful stay awesome food and excellent hospitality. We shall again visit to get the mother nature touch the heart. The garden, the pool will be in mind for ever

Santanu Barat, 

A beautiful serene place by The Ganges so near from the heart of the city. A luxury villa with a private cool blue swimming pool will surely allure all for repeat visit. Moreover the hospitality of a very young couple has kept a deep impression in our heart. A must visit place like a paradise.

Sonali Mukherjee, 

Excellent place for leisure on river Ganges visited by us few days back with full satisfaction,we enjoyed a lot for two night stay.The place is highly appreciable for excellent hospitality within reasonable rate.

Indrajeet Banerjee, 

Beautiful place excellent arrangement very comfortable views fantastic and food too good

Sonali Basu Basu , 

I have recently been to one of the best and well maintained property. It's a great picnic spot , clean pool, beautiful garden and variety of flowers, and all kinds of vegetation around. Its was refreshing and soothing getaway . The owners are equally warm and lovely people. Thank you so much

Bhumika Mukherjee, 

Beautiful place , a must go if u love green and nature ....
Spacious rooms · Romantic atmosphere · Thoughtful amenities

Avishek Kabiraj, 

A bit far but nice place to visit in bank of ganges.

Vijay Gupta, 

Far from the madding crowd....
Family-friendly · Spacious rooms · Quiet rooms · Thoughtful amenities · Romantic atmosphere

Bandana Papuni Papun, 

An amazing experience.. beautiful place and great hospitality ..

Sandip Das, 

An exhilarating experience. Awesome food, homely ambience, excellent hospitality

Sayani Banerjee, 
  • Right Beside the Ganges
  • Lush Green Lawn
  • Swimming Pool
  • Enjoy Complete Privacy
  • Packages Include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
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