Welcome to Nongore

Nongore- A Luxury Villa by the Ganges, located in Raypur, on the river bank is the recent talk of the town.

The 3 acre land has an expansive lawn, a spice garden, a bean shaped pool, a coconut garden, a lily pool, a fish pond, an open kitchen, kitchen garden, a restaurant and a 2 storeyed luxury villa.

An unhindered view of the Ganges along with sailing boats, passing by ships and jumping river water dolphins make it an overwhelming experience.

It is the perfect weekend getaway from the hustle bustle of the city. You can rest under the cool shade of the 'Naarkolshaari', take a refreshing dip in the pool, witness some of the rarest species of plants, enjoy the delectable meal cooked with farm fresh organic veggies or just book a boat ride on the Ganga.

An hour's drive from the main city for a day out, homestay or any other event is worth the visit

  • Right Beside the Ganges
  • Lush Green Lawn
  • Swimming Pool
  • Enjoy Complete Privacy
  • Packages Include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Guest Comments

A beautiful serene place by The Ganges so near from the heart of the city. A luxury villa with a private cool blue swimming pool will surely allure all for repeat visit. Moreover the hospitality of a ...

Sonali Mukherjee
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